Strong, Precise, Reliable Parts

Shipped Within 72 Hours of Purchase


Low Volume Manufacturing

Veloforge provides fast and affordable manufacturing of your design, with a minimum batch size of one.


Continuous Fiber-Reinforcement

Our engineers will optimize your part, layer by layer, for lightweight, functional strength.


Manufactured for Precision

Veloforge’s production resolution is 0.1 mm per layer. This allows us to create precise, functional parts with complex geometries.

Turn your design into a functional part at a fraction of the cost and weight of metal.


  • • Custom Manufacturing in High Strength Fiber

    • 3D CAD File Printing
  • • Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning
  • • Reengineering for Fiber-Reinforced Polyamide with Metal Inserts
  • • Rapid Prototyping & End-Use Production of Custom Parts
  • • Custom Molds & Fixtures - Same Functionality, Lower Price
  • • Out-of-Production & Vintage Part Replacement
• Manufacture and Design of Custom Sports & Outdoor Equipment

Veloforge visited Missouri S&T in Rolla, MO to outfit the Mars Rover with lightweight, high strength parts.

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